Life gets in the way.

I work a minimum of 60 hours a week. Sometimes in just 5 days. I’m tired. Life is good.


Jaywalking rant.

One of these days I’m going to hit someone in Lawrence with my car and not feel bad AT ALL. People just jumping across the street, not at crosswalks, or crossing when I have a green light and they just decide it’s their turn to go for no good reason. These people aren’t even trying to run across, like a proper jaywalker. Slowly ambling across the avenue like they
want to get hit so they can sue you and not have to work any more.

I’d like to end my rant staying that I am a jaywalker myself but I look for cars and run my ass across the street!

Serving the community.

This is the street where one of my patients lives. The first time I came here, not going to lie, I was a little bit scared. This is not the nicest section of Lawrence. When I approached the front door, there’s more trash, a broken fence, and graffiti on the house from the neighborhood kids. This is low income housing. There is no doorbell. Once I get through that door, it’s probably one of the cleanest apartments I’ve ever been inside of. The single mother that lives here scrubs this place from top to bottom more than weekly and it shows. The inside is nothing like the outside. I have patients that live in much nicer zip codes with nicer edifices and nicer things, but most of those places are disgusting compared to this woman’s home. She takes so much pride in her home and taking care of her mentally ill and developmentally disabled daughter. She might not speak a word of English but she’s one of my favorites.

Happy valentines day.

I got the flu. So the toilet is my valentine. I hope you all fair better!

Is my daughter fat?

Answer: who cares? Stop being an asshole!

I just read this article and I guess it sent me off the edge a bit…

Snow day!

I usually love Talenti, but this was not great

Totally appropriate for a snow day. I was supposed to start my new job this morning but Mother Nature decided to start dumping a foot and a half of snow on top of Massachusetts. My new job now starts this upcoming Monday, and I drove 6.5 hours to NJ (normally 4 hours, so not as hellish as I had anticipated). Now I’m enjoying this gelato, some toffee walnuts, and pineapple. This gelato isn’t great, but it’ll do.
my parents snowy yard

Weekly Photo Recap


Christmas photos

It was a good week with my family. My immediate family isn’t religious at all, but the extended ones like to celebrate the day. I don’t think they’re religious? Anyway, the little ones are my cousin’s kids. Little Arianne is holding the purse I got her and she won’t let go. I also made Christmas cake pops! On Christmas Day, my best friend Emily got engaged too. Best Christmas ever!

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