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Applebee’s | patient’s pups | a night out at the bar (five free drinks!) | new monogrammed Madewell leather tote | Bickford’s | Bickford’s | Bickford’s | dinner with the girls | bowling with the boys | patient’s cat Princess | FaceTime with my big brother | a very messy 3 year old’s birthday party | blame it on the Henny | my baby

I work too much, but I get to have a lot of fun on top of that as well. As I tell my favorite dude Jeffy, work hard play hard. My favorite part of every week is my FaceTime with my family. I miss them a lot. I wish I had time to see them before May rolls around, but it is what it is. 

I’m pretty happy March is coming to a close; it’s been a hard month on me in just about every aspect of my life. I’m ready for a new chapter, measured in months or otherwise. However April ends up, there’s still many more months and good times to be had. Either way, I get to go to Chicago and see old friends! 

Friday I’m In Love | Sleeping In Dresses


My Anthropologie dress is more wintery 

Summery slits up the side


I have this ASOS slip in a million colors and sometimes wear it in public.

I sleep in dresses, 90% of the time. It keeps my sweatpants collection reasonable. I can’t wake up and go out in sweats if I don’t own many and I am not wearing them when I arise. Sleeping in dresses is great because you kinda always feel attractive, even if it’s just for you. You’re the most important person anyway. You also air out your vagina! Keep it fresh y’all.

I like the President.

5 Great Things The Obama Administration Accomplished

People like to complain. I honestly believe all the damn presidents are the same, more or less. They each engage in war to show superiority, create huge deficits, play politician. I do believe Obama had his positives and negatives, but I think we advanced a lot socially. The modern day world is a big scary beast, and we all try to do our best in the situations we are put in. I’m not even complaining I paid over $20,000 in federal taxes this year, OK?

Woman Crush Wednesday | Ella Maillard

She did it all

If there’s any lady I want my life to be like, it’s Ella Maillart. Her job was to travel. She travelled, then photographed and wrote about it. Perfect life? I think so.

Travel Tuesday 

Story of my life. It’s a good story too!

Weekly Photo Recap 






chimichurri steak & bruschetta & my favorite wine I drank all over Rome | Kilo fun | Jameson’s birthday | sharing a marg | marg | sangria at bowling | nails did | Benny! | dude makes bacon mac & cheese | snowstorm! | cat cuddles | churrasco

Good week! We got to eat dinner every night together. I dig that. Lots of good food and drink was shared. I was supposed to work all weekend at job 2, but just ended up there Friday night and that’s it. Not bad at all. I’ve been working on different units and I like it much better. I had a good spa day too. 

March has been pretty shitty, overall. I am looking forward to April and May and June… Better weather, hopefully a second nurse, and vacations.


National Down Syndrome Day

National Down Syndrome Day is celebrated on March 21. Super clever and cute! The technical chromosomal abnormality is known as trisomy 21, therefore March 21 it is! 

I just wanted to bring a little awareness with this link about today


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