Friday I’m In Love | Scrapbooking

a new habit

Before I met my mister, I never took an interest in scrapbooking. I’ve never been artistic. I’ve always been good at math, science, history, writing, languages. I’m book smart. I’m street smart. I couldn’t draw you a dog to save my life. Creative? In problem solving, sure, but not in art. So when my mister said he wanted to make a scrapbook with me, back in July, I just brushed it to the side of my brain.

Scrapbooking is easy. It’s almost like it is all there for you, you just put it together. I’m kind of obsessed now. I just want to glue and tape everything down. I’ve spent about $300 on supplies and I can’t wait to put it to use. Next time I head back to see my parents, I’m grabbing old photos and going to town.

Greetings From San Diego.

View from above

It’s amazing how much some people love you. I’m in San Diego and Los Angeles for the next few days. Monday’s update will be stupendous. Bed now. Spa day tomorrow!

Woman Crush Wednesday | Nathalie Lete

the ever creative, beautiful Nathalie

Have you heard of Nathalie Lete? If you buy as much stuff from Anthropologie as I do, you would. Her designs are amazing. Check out her website and see her cool work. She does plates, dresses, furniture, and not just for Anthro. She’s also gorgeous.

Travel Tuesday

it has been a few years..

I’ve been on many a road trip and I hope to have many more. My friend Gia and I have been talking about going on one for years. Now that I have a new car, and a great job with tons of paid vacation time, maybe this will be the summer to do it..

Weekly Photo Recap

















too many birthday photos to caption.

I turned 30! How anticlimactic! I worked Monday-Thursday and felt the coworkers love. That night, we headed to Maine for New Years celebrations. We paraded and got rowdy and burned shit! At midnight my mister surprised me with a bunch of cute clothes and a coffee mug, plus all the stuff he got me to upgrade my car (which he did in advance before we drove into a snowstorm to Maine). Friday was my birthday. We ate Holy Donut, bowled at Bayside Bowl, spent time with Billy’s cousin, had a fancy dinner at a Central Provisions, then ended up at my favorite, Novare Res, with beers and raspberry cheesecake. Sunday we got tattooed! I got a slice of pizza and then ate a slice of pizza. He got the PlayStation logo. We stopped in York, ME on our way home to see my girl Jennie. Sunday involved me sleeping forever…

Also, as a present to myself, I got the iPhone 6 plus and an iPad mini. I’ve been wanting them for awhile… I finally made the time to go to the mall and the excuse of “it’s my birthday” to get them. I’m super happy with both. The boy likes the iPad especially; he keeps making songs on garage band. Even I’ve been making some tunes too!

Ehrrmagerrdddd I’m 30.

In lieu of my usual Friday I’m In Love post, I’ll just write about my birthday.

Today I am 30.

Should I be having some sort of crisis? I definitely thought I’d be somewhere way different at this age. Danielle, age 20: at university, majoring in history and secondary education, managing a restaurant to get my way through school, living in NYC, thought I’d want marriage and kids. I really did think that in 5 years I’d be a high school social science teacher, married, pregnant, and working my way through a masters program.

Nowadays, I’m a registered nurse, living north of Boston, working my ass off. In a relationship, but marriage isn’t important nor will it define me, and I definitely don’t want kids. I’m not in school, but I will think about applying for masters programs soon. And I travel a lot. That’s my favorite part.

So, I’m not where I thought I’d be, but thinking of where I thought I wanted to be sounds like pure nightmare now. I guess it’s good. I did better than I expected. I definitely make more money as a nurse. I’d be miserable with a child. Stuck.

I’m on the right track. I’m going where I am supposed to be heading.


birthday sass

Happy New Year!


I’ll be spending my day making dumplings, then off to Maine with the mister for birthday celebrations.

MAINE! New Years parade

Oh, and before anyone spouts anything dumb like “New Years was like, 2 months ago,” get cultured or get the fuck out. It’s the LUNAR new year. Us Asians celebrate today.


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