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 James | James at Winnekenni | Winnekenni | Ben | cool bar | me and B | dinner with friends | coffee | grilling | boat stuff | boat stuff and my sunburn

It’s been a busy week… Out a lot! Well, not much to say. Happy Memorial Day!  

Friday I’m In Love | Pineapples



   All pineapply and shit

I’ve always had an obsession with pineapples and strawberries and lately it’s been coming out more and more. Love love love! My babe is also painting a pineapple for the kitchen for me. Perfection.

7 Reasons Women Are Not Having Kids


At my yearly physical, I asked my doctor to remove my uterus, yet again. 7 years of asking, and none of them will, still.

What I’m Wearing Wednesday

sunnies: Ray-Ban | sweater & pants: BDG | shoes: target | monogrammed leather tote: Madewell

Urban Outfitters is having a huge sale on winter stuff right now so I bought 10 sweaters from $10 each. The pants were also on sale for $10, like 3 years ago at the Urban Bargain Basement in Cambridge, MA. The flats were buy one get one half off and the bag 30% off. The Ray-Bans were a gift. I’m thrifty!

Travel Tuesday 

Find your own way.

Weekly Photo Recap


Kilo | Plum Island | selfie | Winnekenni Castle | Corey & I | Alkaline Trio | pizza @ work | Sam, my birthday twin | Lauren’s bridal shower

I loved this week. I managed to ditch of one my shifts at work so my 24 day in a row stint turned into a 21 day stint. I’m so in love with days off. As much as I enjoy working, I also need the time off for me, to do nothing. I usually only take off work if I have a concert, wedding, vacation, or the like. Otherwise I’m like, you need help? Sign me up! But I need some time for just me, to watch Sons Of Anarchy for a couple hours and make myself epic dinners. 

The 2 main events this week were going to see Alkaline Trio & Lauren’s bridal shower. Alkaline Trio played This Addiction and Maybe I’ll Catch Fire and I nearly cried when they pressed “Radio.” Corey was all like, talking about our heart strings being pulled. It definitely felt very high school. Corey and I didn’t feel like the oldest people at a show, for once. Meg and I almost got into a fight with mosher (who does that at Alk3?!) that almost hit me in the face and Leigh did get into a yelling match with her formed coworker.

Lauren’s shower was fun! As per usual, she had another open bar because that’s how her family rolls. I drank a few Ketel one and red bulls, since I worked 17 hours straight before heading to the shower. I also looked at her registry kind of late, so I only managed to get her a spatula. I wrapped it super terribly, then taped a $100 gift card on the pack, because that’s how I roll.

Short week at work this week! Stoked.

Friday I’m In Love | eyelashes


 No make-up, no eyelash extensions.


No make-up, with eyelash extensions. 


 With make-up, no eyelash extensions

  With makeup, with eyelash extensions.

I don’t think they make me look that much different, but they make my eyes brighter. More of the bedroom eyes… Most of the time, I don’t wear a drop of makeup. I have eyelash extensions so I can just wake up and go, but not look like I did that. 


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