Travel Tuesday 


I have feet. Do you? 

Scrapbook Sunday 


Part 2, step 4! Seoul South Korea. 

Friday I’m In Love | Ice Castles 





Last week Leigh and I went to the Ice Castle in Lincoln, NH. I don’t really know what to say about it other than it’s absolutely stunning. I highly recommend seeing it (or one of the other ones around North America!) before it all melts away! It’s been a super mild winter up here, which is nice after last year’s fiasco of a winter, but it doesn’t leave the conditions very favorable for the ice castle to last much past this month.

I really do wish it would snow a little more…

Special Tofu

I had a very special friend visiting and he’s vege. Although I’m not anymore, I still love my tofu. I whipped him up some special tofu! The tofu label actually says “special tofu” and it’s the best fucking tofu in the world. Seriously.

The ingredients.


  • Special tofu
  • Sriracha
  • Soy sauce (I actually use tamari and its gluten free) 
  • Sesame oil 
  • Shichimi togarashi 
  • Scallions (or arugula)

Slice up the tofu like so, and fry it lightly in sesame oil until it looks like this. 
Maybe cook it a little longer than this..

After it’s done, just throw it on a plate and top with a little bit of sesame, soy, sriracha, and togarashi. If you had scallions, I’d throw it on top too. It would be perfect then! Or eat with scallion pancakes!! I didn’t have any scallion but I put it on some arugula and I love the bright, peppery taste it adds. 


Final, delicious product.

It got 4 thumbs up! And it’s super quick and easy.

What I’m Wearing Wednesday


sweater: BDG | jeans: Madewell | earmuffs: noname | boots: Lowa

Hiking and ice castle day!!!! It was 45 degrees F that day, but I put on layers and layers because I was heading two hours north into New Hampshire to go see the Ice Castle!!!! I had a tank, tee, long sleeve and sweater on top, and then my Calvin Klein down winter coat that is warm to -4F. I had thermal and regular leggings under my jeans. I also had 2 pairs of socks and then super toasty and waterproof hiking boots. 

I sweat my ass off until it was nighttime and then I was like YESSSS GOOD JOB DANIELLE!

Travel Tuesday 


People who lead boring lives have nothing. 

Weekly Photo Recap

 ice castles | ice castles | ice castles | Lauren | Lauren | Sadie | karaoke | hand drawn noodles | Byron | Kim | moto chicks | besties | baby shower | baby shower 

White Mountains, Boston, Philadelphia.. 

I never work. 

One of the perks of working in the human services/nonprofit field is benefit time. Yes, I love how rewarding it is to make a huge, visible difference in the developmental disabilities (and families!) community, but the pay isn’t as great as a hospital. I keep doing it because I love it, but I also enjoy only working 4 days a week (Monday-Thursday) and the ridiculous amount of paid days off I get. I started the year with close to 4 weeks sick time, 4 weeks vacation, and a week of personal days. Isn’t that absolutely insane?! And that’s not including paid jury duty and paid bereavement and paid holidays (12 days!). In addition, if you use your max sick time, my coworkers and I can donate sick time to cover the extra time you are ill. I think that’s amazing. And the more years I am with the company, the more weeks of vacation, sick, and personal I get per year. I started off with just 2 weeks vacation. And now, just over 2 years later, 4 weeks!!! And it maxes out at 6 weeks vacation. So generous and rewarding dedication. It’s amazing to see people with only high school diplomas be able to benefit from these policies too.

So, this week…

I went to see the Ice Castles in New Hampshire with Leigh.. So damn stunning. I want to go back really badly. I hope I have more time before it gets warm and it melts away. I will have more photos on Friday. The post is scheduled! 

I drank a lot of wine with Lauren in Boston (and ate Chinese food and macarons), and with Kim in Philly (and Mediterranean Moroccan food). I flew down to Philly for Emily’s baby shower for a longgg weekend. It feels like it was just yesterday that I was throwing her a bridal shower, but I guess that was almost a year and a half ago now! So crazy. I stayed with Byron in the Gayborhood and made sure to hang with Kate a lot. We hit up my old neighborhoods and haunts. I was bummed I didn’t see my friend Dave, but he is a bar manager so our schedules never really align. I’ll probably try to see him when I’m back in March to see the baby!!!

Anyway, I don’t really see myself working too much in February either. Expect to see more vacation vacation vacation.

Off to Portugal!!! I’m back February 11. Danielle +15. I am so lucky to have so many wonderful friends that want to celebrate my birthday month with me. I think it’s hilarious I have 15 friends on the same flight as me, with 8 hotel rooms booked, 4 rental cars, etc. 

I love my life. 

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