My Kansas City Favorites

KCMO loves BBQ… you need to eat BURNT ENDS. It’s specific to Kansas City. Regional bbq! (I’ve been told I love gentrified bbq. Gates, LC’s, and Arthur Bryant’s are not gentrified, but the other places are def white people bbq. It’s all good though!) -Q39 (great brisket) -LC’s (beef burnt ends are amazing here) -Gates….

Big changes

Trying, but I’ve got green/yellow crap coming out of my body and I’m like, what’s the fucking point?  I thought I met the man I was going to marry, but alas I was wrong and we broke up last week. He does not believe we can work through our issues, and as much as I…

What I’m Wearing Wednesday 

dress: free people | necklace: jook and nona  Don’t worry, I bought this dress in 3 colors. I needed a pick me up. Eating indulgences isn’t really working, so shopping it is. And it was on the sale rack so super cheap! Now I just need a reason to wear them… Stop suggesting Vegas! 

Black Bean Pasta

My altered version of Trader Joe’s black bean pasta (on the back of the package). So I bought the black bean rotini from TJ’s and there was a recipe on the back for pepper and mushroom alfredo with shrimp and black bean rotini.  I followed these directions, but I skipped the dairy products and and…

President’s List

Apparently that embedded code doesn’t work, ha. I continue to kill it at school. This semester was one of the hardest yet! There were way too many papers, more than usual. I’m still waiting to get my grades from that, but I’m hoping for more A’s to keep up my 3.9+++ GPA. 8 weeks left…

What I’m Wearing Wednesday 

onesie: Nasty Gal | necklace & sunnies: Primark | cardigan: F21 | booties: target | band-aid: courtesy of my Uber driving closing the window on my finger  I went on a purchasing spree in the sale section of Nasty Gal back in December, when it was too cold to wear onesies and teeny dresses. They were…

A muskrat lives under the Eiffel Tower

And apparently her name is Hectorina! She’s been living there for at least 10 years and she has gross boogers and a broken tail.. But it’s cool she lives in the little pond under the southwest side of the tower.  Go visit her and bring her carrots!

What I’m Wearing Wednesday 

shirt: some Korean random | necklace: While Odin Sleeps | leggings: girlfriend collective | flats: target  My buddy I went to Korea with came to visit me in Boston and we headed out to get Korean fried chicken in Salem, MA. Therefore I had to wear this shirt I bought while we were in Seoul….

What I’m Wearing Wednesday

tee: American Apparel | necklace: Primark | jeans: seriously no-name brand | booties: Target I recently finished both my sleeves and wanted a photo of such. I threw on my boyfriends dirty shirt (with stains, to boot) and some ref lipstick, and voila! You can’t (really) tell I’m bare faced otherwise. And my hair is…

Friday I’m In Love | chia pudding 

Mango coconut chia pudding. And that’s basically all the ingredients, plus a couple stevia drops. The basic recipe is more of a ratio.. you need 1 cup liquid for every 1/4 cup of chia seeds, and then a few hours to gel and set in the fridge.. The possibilities are endless from there. One time…