For the love of all things delicious.

Welcome to the Yellow Trash Cook Book, full of Asian inspired dishes, with my own white trash twist.

Now, let me explain myself, before you write this all off as crazy and weird before you even check it out.

I am a vegetarian living in Massachusetts, far from all things convenient and logical. It was not always this way. I used to live in NYC & Philadelphia before this. I was close to so many diverse people and foods. I was spoiled back then. I would even go as far to say that I had taken it for granted. As of today, I haven’t seen a non-white person in at least a month.

Nowadays, I have to drive 30 minutes to eat Indian food and even further to find an Asian grocery store, Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. More often than not, I just won’t make the trip. I am lazy and prefer to not leave my Cape.

However, that doesn’t stop me from cooking every day for my boyfriend. I mean, I end up dropping at least half of everything on the ground, but I believe my dogs have a very refined palette as a result and P thoroughly enjoys what is left on the plate.

Furthermore, I am the child of a fresh-off-the-boat Taiwanese mother married to an Italian/Russian chef from New Jersey. My father and mother have always been a huge influence in my life, especially regarding food. Although I turned vegetarian almost 15 years ago and gone through varying stages of it, from vegan to pescatarian, I have always maintained a plant-based diet. Even with my picky eatings, my parents still had me experience a vast amount of different international cuisines through travel and force-feeding. Although none of these recipes are directly from my parents, I would say that they remind me of them and are inspired by their marriage. Some of them are a bit more Asian than others, but all have a bit of the flair.. Even if it’s just me eating them with chopsticks.

Although I have never been formally trained in cooking, I’ve been cooking my entire life, especially with my chef father and picked up many tips from him. I have been told I am an alternate universe Martha Stewart and a little bit MacGuyver when it comes to whipping up some random delicious meals.

Final notes: Most recipes on here are vegetarian and gluten-free. The ones that are not can be very easily changed to vegan and gluten-free. I try to incorporate as many high-scoring ANDI (Aggregate Nutrient Density Index, aka the most nutrient-packed) foods as I possibly can, making these recipes extra healthy, in addition to being tasty. There will be a bit of other health and food related tidbits on here too.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy!


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