Restaurant Review: Elephant Walk

Restaurant Reviews

I thought I would include a restaurant review here and there, of places that fit into my blog’s “theme.” Here’s my first attempt. What a fucking failure.

Elephant Walk

Elephant Walk is a French-Cambodian restaurant with a few locations in the Boston area. (We happened to eat at the one on Beacon Street.) French-Cambodian fusion actually makes a lot of sense, if you look at the history of Cambodia and how France basically ruled and manipulated power there for close to a century. As much as the French sucked, I still venture to say that Cambodia was better off with French colonization than with Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge about 20 years later.

All this being said, I don’t really remember eating here. I don’t even know if I ordered anything for myself, to be honest. It was a friend’s bachelorette party and I showed up pretty waste face. I vaguely recall that I liked their wine list. I’m pretty confident I smashed my fork onto other people’s plates and ate their food, because that’s my just style.

I do remember us getting kicked out though, which is fine because we needed to get our asses to karaoke at the drag queen bar anyway.

The menu does look good, checking it out now. I’d try it again, if they are willing to let me back in. I doubt it though. They accused us of pissing on the floor. Gross. Who actually does that??


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