Wonton cups

They hold whatever the fuck your heart desires. And they’re versatile too. You want them sweet? Sprinkle with a little powdered sugar before you add any fruit, chocolate, or whatever weird shit you come up with. Want them savory? Leave them alone. And they are soo Asian fusion it hurts my brain.

Wonton Cups
makes as many wonton skins you have

You need mini cupcake tins and a bunch of wonton wrappers. My package came with 50. Heat the oven to 375. Manipulate the wrappers to fit into the mini cupcake holes. I found a little fold on each side works best. Bake for like 4 minutes then pull out gently and cool.


Don’t refrigerate. Don’t fill until right before you serve unless you want soggy wontons. Store in a plastic bag, tied shut. Serve at room temperature with whatever you want in them. There are endless options, if you are smart enough to think of them. My favorite sweet is fresh fruit, tossed with a little brown sugar and fresh chopped mint or basil… Top with whipped cream, if you’d like. My favorite salty is a southwest salsa. Chopped tomato, avocado, scallion, corn and black beans tossed in a little salt and chipotle pepper. Top with a little sour cream and cheese. And again, don’t forget to drain. Or get Irish, and put potatoes in it or some shit.

southwest wonton cups


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