Percocet sundaes


Ever get your wisdom teeth out? I just did, less than a week ago. It sucked. I’ve been having Percocet sundaes like its my business (and it is, wanna buy one?) I’ve also been consuming a lot of soup, mashed potatoes and mac’n’cheese. Sounds super healthy/shitty, right? I’ve actually been craving green things non-stop so I bought myself a jug of some green monster juice and that’s how I’ve been getting actual nutrients.


Percocet sundaes
yields however the fuck many ya wannnnnt!!!
Your favorite ice cream, sorbet, gelato, froyo, whatever

All over ingredients are frivolous but delicious. These can include whipped cream, chocolate or caramel sauce, sprinkles, walnuts (not good for wisdom teeth because it involves chewing), and a cherry on top. Go craycray. I know I already have.


NOTE: I have a prescription to Percocet because of my teeth extractions. Don’t do this unless you have legit reasons and means for taking narcotics. Shit is danger when used incorrectly. Also, I’m not actually selling Percocet sundaes. This is just my more fun way of swallowing gross pills.


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