I know. I’m so not Asian lately.

I’ll make it up to you.. Here’s a fusion dish. Wasabi mashed. It’s fucking perfect. And so damn easy..

Wasabi Mashed
makes like a pound I guess
Boil 1 pound of potatoes until soft. Drain and mash with a little bit of earth balance, unsweetened unflavored soy milk, some salt, pepper and garlic powder. Then the secret ingredient: Japanese Wasabi Powder. Start with a teaspoon, and add more, half teaspoon at a time, if you can’t taste it or you just love the flavor so much and want more. But really, stick with the half teaspoon and keep tasting.. It can quickly get too spicy. Sorry that I have no picture of the mashed potatoes. I am trying to wean myself off baby textured foods right now..

Here’s the wasabi powder I use! I actually did buy it for sushi, but I think that only happened once before we switched to using it for the sole purpose of wasabi mashed potatoes.

Another favorite in our house is curry mashed. Same recipe as above, but substitute curry powder for the wasabi.

One day I’ll update this with a full meal with the mash as a side. In the meantime, inhale this. And you’re welcome. I know you’ll need this for your carb loading for the marathon tomorrow!


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