Once upon a time, our “garden” space was used solely to hang our hammocks and relax.

Mostly because it looked like this. ^^^

Then one day, since I didn’t have P to hang up the hammock for me, I decided it should become an actual garden, so I cleared out all/most the crazy weeds, and mixed in some nutritious home depot soil.

Then I planted. Some from starters, some from seed.

And things grew. And they shall be thinned out, so they can thrive.

If only I could remember what I planted, where.


I know which plants are which from the starters (tomato, aubergine, and raspberry).. But the seeds, not at all. I know I threw in some kale, salad/mesclun greens, peppers, onion, carrots, sunflowers, hops, and peonies from seeds/bulbs/rhizomes. But I’m somewhat lost as to where I put them all. As in, I hope I separated them. But I might have taken all the seeds in one fist and threw them. I might have definitely done that in some parts. But maybe not? I think I can tell which are the sunflowers, and I’m pretty sure the hops aren’t growing because they went in too late, but there are a bunch of little buds and I have NOOO idea what they are.

My garden will be like life, full of little surprises and kinda messy.

Also I think I’m killing my raspberry starter. I’m not sure if I’m drowning it or not watering it enough, but either way it doesn’t look too hot.

Oh well. You win some you lose some. I’ll keep you updated on my little 32 square feet in a triangle garden/pile of dirt as it progresses and possibly what things turn out to be. I’m hoping to cook some delicious shit with the products, so I hope my dumb ass doesn’t kill everything. I definitely did not inherit my dad’s green thumb. I think mine is more black, like death.

Also, can I plant Percs? I only ask because I notice that more than half of my (very few) visitors are finding my site through googling “Percocet” and maybe they will stick around more if I plant some and make more drug recipes?!


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