Inch by Inch, Row by Row…

Except absolutely no rows, whatsoever.
Things are growing! I’m starting to figure out what’s what.. And what has definitely failed. Above are my salad greens, with some onions I do not believe I planted there…

These are my tomatoes, heirloom style. I am growing Jerseys too, but just flowers on those guys.

The sunflowers are doing REALLY well. They’re up above my knees by now. I’m pretty excited about them.

And here’s some kale. Can’t wait to make some stir fries with these guys.

The raspberries, carrots, peppers and hops are absolute failures. I can’t tell if the peonies are growing. I’m not sure where I put them, exactly. Whoops.

Anyway, so that’s what’s up in my garden. More updates soon…


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