Danish food

The first and only beautiful tomato I found in Copenhagen and it cost over $3.

Overall, the food here is pretty fucking terrible. I have spent over 2 weeks trying to find the farmers market and before I finally got to it, I just ate shitty tomato after shitty tomato. First of all, you know you are NOT supposed to refrigerate tomatoes, right?!? Second of all, you know you ARE supposed to refrigerate all leafy greens, right?!? (Except basil..) I’m baffled and suicidal.
The grocery stores here do not know how to do anything correctly and the variety is absolute shit. Produce sections are tiny and have one of each item. Also, Ramen (minute nudler) costs $1! That is NOT a deal. Except it is, in Scandinavia.

These are called “French hotdogs.” I think they look like dogs’ wieners when they get boners. Red rockets or pink lipsticks, if you will. Danes love them, especially while shitfaced. You can go to these hot dog carts all over town. Danes eat super early so these hot dogs are some of your only late night food options, along with falafel, shitty horrible pizza and McDonald’s.

More adventures to follow..


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