Miracle nutzzz and whatever

Oh hey what’s up? I’m hungover to the high heavens. I definitely killed 3/4 of a bottle of Polish “wodka” last night. I got off the plane from Istanbul to Berlin, and proceeded to get sloshed, real bad.

Hazelnuts are the miracle nuts and they come from Turkey! Turk Halva Yollari baby. Turkish Airlines hands hazelnuts out on their airplanes and all of the above (except the baby part) is on the packaging.
I like hazelnuts a bunch. I don’t know much about them, but I like them!

P and I spent a couple days in Istanbul before deciding to camp out at the Black Sea in the Anatolian/Asian side of Turkey. (Pete has now technically been to Asia, which I think is bullshit. This isn’t REAL Asia!) Some cute kid was selling these weird looking hairy things and for 4 Turkish lira, which is less than $2 American. I hand the lil lady 4 lira and she starts filling a shopping bag full of them. I think it ended up being an enter kilogram/2.2 pounds. That’s a fucking LOT of anything. Best part of all, we had no clue, not the slightest idea, what these could be.

So you peel these fuckers, and you get this:


Kind of cool huh? You then have to crack them to get the nut. Pete used two rocks and I used my teeth. Woops. You then toast them a little bit and eat it with a brownie. It’s like nutella, but a million times better. If I believed in heaven, I’d say it was heavenly.

Sup? I can camp cook.


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