Pizza, Pida, Flammenkuche

Greetings from NYC, where you can always find a decent slice. That is definitely not true of the rest of the world.

I got back from Denmark about 3 hours ago and since I didn’t sleep last night, I’ve been awake for 48 hours and it feels like my face is melting off. Normal.

I still don’t have any recipes or even any photos but I will say pizza is cray around the world. In Denmark I ate some of the shittiest pizza in my entire life. It looked like pizza but the stuff that goes on top has to be the lowest quality shit ever. Denmark also had some of the worst food I’ve ever eaten in general, so I guess I shouldn’t have expected much.

In Turkey, there is pida. We ate it twice.. Once in Istanbul and once in Sile. (I already deleted my Turkish keyboard but there should be a little squiggly thing under the S.) It’s long and almost oval shaped except for the two points at the end. I guess that makes it more like a canoe. It looks like pastrmalija, Macedonian pizza. You put some sauce and cheese and whatever veggies on top, cut into strips and it is pretty damn good. I even saw an egg cracked on top of one before it was put in the oven. I wanted it but Pete wouldn’t have eaten it.. WaHHH! Note to self: next time, don’t care and get it anyway.

In Germany, I ate flammeküche which is basically a delicious super thin crust crispy flakey pizza. Incredibly similar to France’s tarte flambée and pissaladière, it is my favorite. Deep dish? Disgusting. Fuck that. Get Chicago and Detroit styles the fuck away from me. Thin crust all the way. The bread is only there to be the vehicle to get the cheese into my mouth. It’s a white pie, typically with onions and bacon, but I substituted the bacon with mushrooms and there was a party in my mouth. Do it. Thank me later.

Huarache or sope is the Mexican version, in my head. It’s a corn tortilla-ish thing for a base, topped with red chile salsa, cheese and usually meat/veg. It’s not really pizza, but it looks like little personal pizzas, ha! You can get them at Taco Bell… And I love Taco Bell. No lies.

OK, so last topics, pizza related but not like really related…
1) My friend Lauren seriously burned her cleavage area when the goo from the inside of a Pizza Roll dripped out. BEWARE AND BE CAREFUL FOLKS! Delicious, but dangerous. We also served it at our engagement party, hehe.
2) Keep an eye out for my Japanese pizza recipe, out sometime before the end of the year.
3) Pete and I have these great friends from Trieste, Italy. Pizza is from Naples, but whatever close enough. They came and stayed with me for about 2 weeks in June, before I left for Europe. Actually, I was only there for about 5 days before I got on that plane but they stayed on, as they were recording their album with Kurt Ballou at God City up in Salem, MA. Their band is called The Secret, by the way. Check it out if you like metal; I think that’s what kind of music it is.
Anyway!!! They LOVE Domino’s pizza. Michael said they don’t even consider Domino’s to be pizza.. It’s some sort of other entity, not pizza at all, but something delicious in their own right. I kind of love how he described it like that.

by the amazingly talented Mike Wohlberg aka The Fat Kid Illustration.

And that’s it folks!


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