Blogging? What’s that?

I’m pretty horrible at updating my blog, huh? Honestly, I’ve been so busy with school (I graduated!), studying for my national boards (if I’m ever cleared to take them), working (upping my hustle because I’m broke) and moving (bye bye Boston and Europe here I come).

I really want to be better, but I think I need to change the format of this blog to be more conducive to that. Although I already include a lot about my life and travels in here, I think that if I officially state that this is how my blog’s direction is changing, I might update it more. I often think of things I want to say, but I won’t update this because I think it’s not food related enough.

So here it is. This blog is now the life documentation of a yellow trash girl. It will still center around food, because I’m fat kid por vida, duh, but also include my musings and various ongoings of my life. That being said, I am still really busy so I won’t be great at updating often for awhile, but it will get better. If you don’t like it, then fuck off!

Welcome, again.


I was at my parents’ house all 4th of July weekend in NJ. This is the view 1 block from their place. And this is me being a bitch, as per usual.


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