Friday I’m in love | Korean food | Muk Eun Ji

Together, Lauren and I make one fully white person, half a Korean, and half a Taiwanese.

Tonight one of my BFFs and I went out to eat in Korea Town (near Penn Station in NYC) at a delicious 24/7 Korean (duh) place. We drank soju and Korean beer and even drank soju in our beer (soju bombs!) We also dined on their various banchan, bibimbap, and some vinegar buckwheat noodle soup I can’t spell correctly. I think it’s mul naengmyeon and you eat it with scissors. Although I loved my bibimbap, I think the highlight was the banchan. Their kimchi is REALLY good. I definitely like the aged variety of kimchi better than the younger kinds. Their service was good too. We sat there for hours and no one rushed us at all.

Oh yeah, the restaurant is called Muk Eun Ji and I will be back.


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  1. Chris says:

    It is mul naengmyeon. Looks great. I’m always slightly miffed at the low quality of banchan at the places I’ve gone to.

    1. This place’s was really good! Especially their aged kimchee. I was super happy.

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