Friday I’m in love | Udon

Marukame Udon is my go-to when I’m in Waikiki, which is a neighborhood in Honolulu, Hawaii. Although I haven’t been since January, my ever-present friend on this blog, Lauren, is there right now. All photos are courtesy of Dr. Lauren. Her being there makes me miss it and her OH so much. I’m jealous.

Anyway, they do cafeteria style serving. You pick what size and “base” you want, then you can add scallions, half boiled egg, tempura flakes, etc. Up next is their tempura bar. Pick which delicious snacks you want with your bowl of noodles! They have tempura shrimp, veggies, chicken and more. At the end of the line, there’s their onigiri. Hawaii is known for their spam musubi, but that’s just one sort of onigiri! They have a slew more!

All their noodles are homemade and even if you’re not going in at that very moment, you can watch them making them from scratch in the window as you walk down Kuhio. Neat treat.

Also, they can get BUSY. You definitely want to go during an off hour. Breakfast time and mid-afternoons are ideal, unless you don’t mind waiting forever..

I definitely think it is worth the wait..


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