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Nursing school sucked but I made it. RN!

Nursing school was a very long, difficult journey for me, in more ways than one.

First of all, I’m not a science person. I have a Bachelors of Arts in History. I like languages. I get people. I guess some of these translated fine into being a nurse, like the language and people person parts, but those biology classes killed me. Not only am I not good at science, but I don’t really like science. I don’t really understand it as well as I want.. Which is probably a contributing factor to why I don’t like it.

It was also a lot of studying. Since I’m not a science person, this didn’t come naturally to me. I was always good at school, but not at nursing school. It was a lot more work than I was accustomed to during my undergrad. I used to start 15 page papers the night before they were due and get A’s on them. For nursing, I’d study every day for hours and I’d still only score in the B range. It’s hard to put in so much work and not get what you want out of it.

I worked full time during the first half of nursing school and part time the rest of it. I shouldn’t have done that, especially not full time work. I hate relying on other people for money, so I did it anyway. If I could go back, which I never would, I’d save up a ton of money before going back to school the second time around. Maybe my grades would have been a little better..

20130805-173930.jpg Nursing school BFFs

Anyway, the biggest part of a journey is the actual path there, not the destination. I’m so grateful to have met some of my best friends during the time I was at school. I know they will be in my life forever, whether or not they want to be. I moved out of Massachusetts less than a month ago and although I don’t miss Massachusetts at all, I definitely miss my friends.


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  1. nurseeyeroll says:

    I wasn’t a science person and nursing school was difficult/pure torture for me! Some of the best nurses out there struggled through school but are fantastic nurses. You’ll do great!

    Good luck with your move and the start of a new career!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! It makes me feel better that other people are in the same boat as me!

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