Friday I’m in love | Renzo’s in Amsterdam

Wow, so I love Amsterdam. I spent 5 days there (just got to Copenhagen yesterday) and I didn’t want to leave. The food was amazing. Reasonably priced (compared to Denmark) everything, vegetarian foods, variety, diversity, it has it all. I’m super bummed to be in Denmark right now. Oh well. Can’t be helped, I guess!

I ate 5 different sandwiches in 5 days from Renzo’s.

Renzo’s in Oud-Zuid, near all the museums, does delicious Italian sandwiches for €5-6 each. The best cheesy ones were definitely the Magor (sweet and slightly stinky) and the marinated Dutch goat cheese. They also do some pre-made pastas in a cold case and a small Italian grocery section. Their coffee/espresso is somewhat small, but good quality and comes with a little sweet snack.

I cannot recommend this place enough! But don’t go here first, or you’ll end up there every day. Try some Surinamese first. All of the roti, please!


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