Rant | People are annoying & I hate going out in public

I end up taking the train from Copenhagen, Denmark to Malmö, Sweden about once a week. I like the Swedish vibe just a little more for some reason. Not every time, but most times, immediately after I buy my ticket but before I leave the ticket machine, someone stops me. They don’t know how to buy their ticket. OK, it happens sometimes, but how come it happens so often in Copenhagen?! Not only is this at the central station, but also at the airport.

The first time this happened to me, a woman just started speaking Italian at me. That didn’t work out to well. Apparently the only English word she knew was “no,” because that is all she would scream at me when I tried to leave because I was about to miss my train. Keep in mind I wasn’t being completely rude; I actually had gotten the woman all the way to the part where she just has to pay. She still insisted she needed me with her “no’s” and with grabbing my arm.

This happened to me again at the Copenhagen airport. Twice. In one day. Actually, under 5 minutes. My day is annoying enough when I need to go to the Malmö Airport. Not only do I need to go to two airports, I need to spend almost $50 to do it. Ah, the price of a $20 flight to Skopje to see my favorite sexual. I digress. Anyway, I buy my ticket and I’m immediately cornered by the machine by a British couple. Guys, there’s a button with your flag on it. Press it, and buying your ticket will be easy AND in your native language.

As soon as I explain this to them, another man calls out, needing help. FUCK! Really?! My train leaves in 3 minutes. I’m going to miss it.
My Malmö sunset, as a consolation prize


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