Weekly Photo Recap


Naples by my hostel | Naples by the water | Naples downtown | Positano | Amalfi | beers at my Naples hostel because I’m depressed | best pizza in Naples | Florence’s Duomo exterior | duck face & Asian tourist-ing the Duomo | cupola di Duomo | best gelato in Florence | best dinner in Florence | Ajay in Copenhagen! With 12 oz of Jim Beam | reunited with this little love

Man it’s good to be back in a first world country. I know technically just about everywhere I went was technically first world, but it didn’t feel like it and no one acted that way either. Some of the rudest people on this trip were in Croatia and Italy. Naples was particularly terrible people-wise and I ended up leaving 24 hours early because of it. Well, that and the disgusting hostel I stayed at got bed bugs. But even still, the owner of the hostel was rude about that! (Note: do NOT stay at Hostel Mancini in Naples, Italy!!!) Naples had some really beautiful parts once you got past the area of the train station, but even still, the dirty underbelly could be felt throughout the city.

I ended up doing a day trip to the Amalfi coast as well: Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, Salerno. Positano was the clear winner. SO beautiful and clean and cute. The other towns were nice, but Positano stole my heart that day. And still, almost a week later..

Florence was apparently a must do, but I skipped a large majority of the must do’s in this must do city. I did not see the real David. I did not go into any museums. I did not eat Florentine steak. I did not do a lot here, but that is probably why I enjoyed it. I did see the Duomo, but otherwise I made the conscious effort just to eat, drink, shop, and stroll this little city. After several weeks chock full of running from museum to church to ancient ruin, I quit. I was run down and needed some black sesame gelato and bomb-ass Tuscan wine. I had my best meal here, and my worst. I also picked up some chianti salt and a new purse. Florence was a great town to relax in.

My return to Copenhagen happened Saturday morning and I immediately took a nap. Then, I got back onto the wagon to go see my friend Ajay! Ajay and I met back in December in Hawaii. He lives in San Francisco but happens to be working in London right now. He made the weekend trip to come visit this little city and we had a total blast. Lots of drinking, dancing, good conversation, and more.

I will say, I’m glad it’s Monday. I made plans with Ajay all weekend but today I made plans with my bed. With that being said, I think it’s time for a nap, then catching up with Dexter and the rest of “my shows.”


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