Friday I’m in love | Burek

It’s a cool September weekend in Skopje, Macedonia and I’m hungover as all fuck. What does that call for? Burek and ayran. Ayran is a neutral tasting yogurt drink that I don’t love but it does my hangover good, and I get the added benefit of feeding the leftovers to the street dogs. The burek coats my insides. It’s a greasy, tasty pastry that’s filled with cheese, sometimes more. I ate a spinach and cheese one in Croatia. They are typically savory, but sweets can be filled inside too. The burek shape and size is also varied as well. It’s AMAZING as a hangover cure. It’s even quite good when you’re not hungover too, but in smaller quantities. I have discovered that burek can be eaten in mass amounts while hungover, but if you do so without one, you’ll feel a little like your gallbladder wants to explode. These are typically found in Eastern European countries; I ate them in Macedonia, Croatia, and Slovenia. They need to be in Scandinavia, ASAP. However, I don’t think they’d pass the hot dog in popularity…
I could use one now, actually…


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