Weekly Photo Recap

cyclone aftermath | duck butts | panna cotta | white truffle papardelle | poodle hair | J-DAG! | fine Scandinavian ladies of J dag | foam snow, courtesy of Carlsberg brewery | grød

A pretty strong storm came through Denmark, but it wasn’t nearly as bad here as it was in Germany and the UK. Unfortunately, lives were lost all over. We all just stayed put, as bricks, roofs, trees, and street signs were ripped from their spots and soared through the air. I ate a lot of delicious food as well this week. The panna cotta at Strangas is to die for and the truffle pasta as Spiseri was amazing too. Also, apparently the first Friday in November is J-Dag, where Carlsberg (Tuborg?) gives out a ton of their Christmas beer for free. It’s complete with Christmas hats and Christmas carols and even fake foamy snow! It was a ton of fun. Saturday and Sunday was a bunch of recuperating from my all night into the wee hours of the morning partying from J-Dag, so I just ran and got some dinner with friends. Grød is basically a porridge. It could be risotto, congee, oatmeal, whatever. I did not like this particular grød but I have hope for future types. It’s very typically Scandinavian and I’m trying so hard and failing to fit in. The cashier at Grød told me I ordered my grød in Danish very well though! Ego boost!

Off to Berlin, then Iceland! I know I just got internet back, but I might miss this Friday’s post…


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