Weekly Photo Recap

American edition!

flying into Philadelphia | veggie patty melt | my puppy prince | with one of my little cousins on Thanksgiving | my dad deep frying turkeys | high stakes mahjong | with Lauren | with Sharena | Implants at Irving Plaza

I got back to the states one week ago today and it’s been fun. Until yesterday, I’ve been nonstop. I land in Philadelphia last Monday and obviously the first thing I want to do is eat the most American food ever: diner food. My best friend and I made the trip to Darling’s Diner in northern liberties and we both scarfed down burgers. YUM. I ended up in bed around 9PM and caught a morning Greyhound back to NYC. The minute I walked into my parents’ house, I started fawning over my fat dog Jameson! I missed him so much. Lauren came by that night and we went to Mitsuwa and ate all the udon, tempura, musubi, kit kats, etc. YUM YUM. Thursday was obviously Thanksgiving. As usual, my dad deep fried 4 turkey’s (plus a breast) and I ate all the sides. YUMMY. There were a lot of people in the house, which is my favorite. Friday, Matt and I hung out in Manhattan at Pony Bar. Then we headed to Queens and Lauren met up with us for dinner at Sugar Freak in Astoria. YUM some more. I love charbroiled oysters! Afterwards, I went to my aunt & uncle’s house to watch some mahjong before an unsuccessful squidding expedition in Long Island. I slept over and my uncle, cousins, and I met my mom, brother, Lauren & Matt for hot pot in Flushing! YUM again. After hopping the subway back into the city, I met Sharena and Ben at their hotel in Murray Hill. We headed downtown to Union Square and spent an inordinate amount of time in Sephora before seeing my friend Rob’s band play a sold out show at Irving Plaza! They were opening up but it was still so much fun. I really liked them too. If you like punk rock, you should check them out! They’re called The Implants (I think) and it’s all members from other awesome bands like Strung Out and stuff! They opened for NoFx to give you an idea of the vibe.
Sunday and today have been mental health days. Just relaxing, applying for jobs & BSN programs, thinking about buying deodorant, and quality time with my dog. Life is good. This upcoming week is going to be a lot of boring nursing type things but could turn out to be very exciting. One can only hope…


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