Serving the community.

This is the street where one of my patients lives. The first time I came here, not going to lie, I was a little bit scared. This is not the nicest section of Lawrence. When I approached the front door, there’s more trash, a broken fence, and graffiti on the house from the neighborhood kids. This is low income housing. There is no doorbell. Once I get through that door, it’s probably one of the cleanest apartments I’ve ever been inside of. The single mother that lives here scrubs this place from top to bottom more than weekly and it shows. The inside is nothing like the outside. I have patients that live in much nicer zip codes with nicer edifices and nicer things, but most of those places are disgusting compared to this woman’s home. She takes so much pride in her home and taking care of her mentally ill and developmentally disabled daughter. She might not speak a word of English but she’s one of my favorites.


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