In defense of childlessness.

I always said part of my reasoning not to have children was because I am a responsible citizen of the world. Here’s an article to back me up.

why science says having kids may be a bad idea

Plus tantrums. Plus toilet training. Plus the chance of not having a “normal child.” Plus instilling values. Plus teen pregnancy. Plus sluts. Plus drugs. Plus a million more reasons why OMG NO CHILDREN FOR MEEEE!!!

My brother (center) is one of the cutest kids I’ve ever seen. Hapas!


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  1. habibilamour says:

    Plus the fact that many fun things become a “serious issue” as you must consider whether or not they are appropriate for children, which I learnt when I saw parents being all like “is this ok for my child” over Disney movies I enjoyed as a child.

    1. Hapa Gitana says:

      I agree. A few years back, my ex and I were backpacking through south america. I kept thinking, I could never do this with a kid. You just need to be so much more careful in general!

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