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Kilo gets a new bed | Kilo doesn’t want me to go to work | fully stocked bar cart | housewarming party | Cards Against Humanity | my ladies | hangover?

Back to work after a very long weekend… Rough. I thought it was going to be a 4 day week, but at some point on Friday, my program got THE phone call. We are getting audited tomorrow. So Friday and Sunday I spent at the office, catching up on paperwork, making sure all my ducks are in a row, in between straight caths at the group home (oh, the unpredictability of being on-call). Saturday was reserved solely for my housewarming/early holiday party. A good group of people came out, including some friends I don’t see that often and/or live 4 hours away! At any given time there were 10-15 people here, 20ish people stopped by total. I started with a lot of booze, and then people brought a ton of booze, and it escalated quickly. Definitely some pukers. We played Cards Against Humanity, and do you know how hard that is to do with a dozen people?! Too many people. At midnight we did a white elephant swap. I got rid of some ugly shot glasses and I inherited a bag of chips. I’m not mad. This morning, and by morning I mean 2PM, we got a tasty brunch at one of my favorite restaurants in town before I headed back into work and the Boston and NYC folks headed back home. Lovely week. Friend time is always awesome.


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