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Wanda and I | annual company breakfast meeting | Mürren | spa day with lollies | spa day with the mister | cat | dog | cat | K is a star! | penguins | angels | S skating! | nurse life

The week started off with an audit from the state. Medicaid will be the death of me! It seemed to go OK, but official results are pending. Our annual meeting was awesome, with the exception of the food. Whatever, we were there to honor people, not to eat. Wanda is one of the hardest working women I know. She worked her way up from the bottom, from direct care staff, to most recently senior program director. She deserves everything. All our “peeps” and staff alike love her! I only worked Monday-Wednesday, since I did 43 hours in 3 days. Friday the boy and I got mani, pedis, massage! And we deserved it. That night, I met up with some coworkers to go see “The 12 Unique Nights Of Christmas” and I laughed and “awww”-ed all night. I spent Saturday and Sunday during the day sleeping, since I knew I had Saturday and Sunday 10+ hour overnight shifts to work.

It was a productive week. Stressful, then relaxing. I’m glad I’m back to work a few overnights a week now. It’s good to have the extra money to put into my savings. The last photo is me after a 2 hour nap, then 10 hour overnight shift. I did it again last night too, but 12 hours. Gross! Well, back to the Monday-Thursday grind! I’m looking forward to MAINE this weekend!!!


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