Weekly Photo Recap












beach day | cupcakes for dinner | a pic from Pete of Ben | more Plum Island | Jameson lookalike | chorus concert with some of my “peeps” | Caturday | Vineyard Vines sale | shopping with my new purse | driving around | Friday’s with Jordan | Chuck E Cheese with Jordan

It was a lovely week, lots of working, lots of shopping. I got to go to Plum Island for work and it’s one of my favorites. I also attended a little concert that several of my patients were in. Sunday I babysat while my housekeeper was making my house look beautiful for the holidays. Jordan and I had a grand old evening and he did not want to go home. He’s so cute. Billy spent about 10 minutes with him before he had to leave though, haha. Perfect! My plan is working! Babysitting is total birth control. I finished up my Christmas shopping and wrapped gifts as well. On to Christmas week! Today is my first day of 12 in a row. I decided to offer to work Christmas so the nurses with kids at home could spend the day with their families. Plus, I get paid double time which is $50+++ an hour. I’m not 100% nice with my ulterior motives but they don’t care about my reasoning if it works for them!


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