Friday I’m In Love | Vineyard Vines

on her: Vineyard Vines. on him: American Apparel. I love alliteration.

So, I’m a tattooed lady that has had various piercings and hair colors throughout her life. I’m also a working professional. A lottttt of my clothes comes from a super preppy company called Vineyard Vines, founded on Martha’s Vineyard, MA. I’ve always liked their cute logo, the pink whale. A lot of people are like, what? Vineyard Vines? What is that shit? And then you mention the pink whale and they’re all OOO yeah! Anyway, most people don’t imagine me in their clothes, but Monday-Thursday, I am usually wearing at least one item of that brand, usually their pants.

A few times a year they come to the Everett Mills in Lawrence, MA for their “whale-house sale.” I am a regular. The manager of the whole traveling shebang remembered me from June when I came in this week. I think that makes me lame, but it also got me an extra discount and attention.

it was a madhouse.

This time, I walked away with 2 pairs of fun jeans, pair of cords, pair of khakis, 2 day boat shorts, 2 skirts, a dress, a shirt, and a belt. Plus I got a bunch of stuff for my boy’s sister. Her and her husband spend a bunch of time on the Cape and I thought it was pretty fitting for her.

part of my haul

The prices are insane. But sadly, this time it is over. I can’t wait until they come back again. There were a bunch of shirts I was eying for the mister but he couldn’t come with me because he had work. Next time I’ll bring him… Or maybe I should leave him at home for the special treatment!!


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