Six Months.

my mister and I tonight

Today marks the 6 month anniversary of meeting this guy. 6 months ago today we sat down at a brewpub and shared a meal. Then we walked along the Merrimack River, and we shared our first kiss.

Just like with any relationship, there’s ups and downs. Our first vacation together (less than 3 weeks after meeting) was somewhat of a disaster. That’s what happens when you’re learning about each other. Trips like that, you figure out each other’s faults and pet peeves pretty quickly. We’ve gone on several more trips, and they’ve all been pretty terrible. I guess I’m difficult to travel with, as I am so used to traveling solo and doing whatever I want. We head to New Orleans in about a week and a half. I’m hoping it’ll go better.

I love the time we spend at home and around this crappy little city we live in. Whether it be going to the various karaoke bars in the area, trying new dinner spots, or just laying on the couch having Breaking Bad marathons, I cherish it all. I love our big living room/music/art space. There’s nowhere I’d rather be than sitting on one of our couches and watching him play guitar or paint on canvas. We quickly became comfortable with each other and he feels like home to me.

Overall, things are good. Life is good. Ups and downs. I just need to take things for what they are.


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