Friday I’m In Love | Laurie

bridal party

I feel SO lucky that I got to be a part in both of my BFF’s marriages this year. Laurie got married in Santa Cruz CA this past August, and I also got to attend her bridal shower in the spring. We met back in 2007. I was on tour; she came to the show. It turns out we had a mutual friend and we ended up dating boys in the same band. I ended up moving to California a few months later and the rest is ancient history. Best friends ever since. I love her so fucking much. It tears me up that she lives so far away, but I think that makes the time I see her even more special. Also, if I lived in California again, I would probably never leave her house. I even have my own bed there already. What would be the point? I really do believe that one day we will live on the same coast again. I love you Mrs. Teitzel!



more wedding week photos


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