12 months. 12 photos. 2014.

I spent New Year’s at a teacher party in Lynn, then hungover in Salem. I was supposed to start my new job on January 2, but there was a crazy snowstorm so I started a week late. I ended up going to NYC and Philly for the weekend, and then starting work January 6. I love my job. I finally moved back to MA, and not just on Matt’s couch. I also broke up with my boyfriend of 4.5 years/fiancé of 2.5 years.

I turned 29, and had birthday celebrations in Haverhill , Boston, Portland, NYC. I also attended Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center’s residents party. It was super fancy and awesome. I also saw friends from Austin and Charleston. I was hired at my second job.

I started working at my second job. I met a group of amazing ladies through craft beer networking. I helped open up a brand new group home. I worked way too much. I start dating again.

More work, shopping, and then sailing reopened. I continued my Boston marathon tradition, watching Pete, hanging with Meghan and nurse Lauren.

I spent the beginning of the month in San Diego. A lot of my friends moved out there. It was amazing to see them after far too long. I dyed my hair purple again. I spent Memorial Day weekend in Portland, ME.

I got tattooed twice. I went to Santa Cruz for Laurie’s bridal shower. I dated, a LOT. I met the guy that would become my boyfriend.

I went to Maine multiple times, Philadelphia, Charleston. Again, lots of friend time.

I almost feel like I should post 2 pics for August. We had Emily’s bridal shower and then I spent a week in Northern California for Laurie’s wedding and hanging out. I definitely miss living in California.

I missed Emily’s bachelorette party because Jameson was attacked by a woodland creature. We ended the month in Florida to visit my mister’s friends and to get his cat.

Again, another month that should have 2 photos. Emily got married. We went to Puerto Rico for the mister’s birthday. The big 30!

I went to Azores, part of Portugal. The mister came home with me to NJ for Thanksgiving and we went out in NYC a bunch.

I stuck around New England for this month. I worked a bunch. We spent Christmas with the mister’s family. We also spent New Years at home, and forgot to even kiss until after midnight. We were too busy talking about history to realize it was 2015!

So that’s it. I have no expectations of 2015. I’ll just be doing my usual, working and traveling. This week we head to New Orleans. Next month I turn 30! And I have some other vacations up my sleeves in the works. My priorities always have been and will be traveling. It’ll be a good year.


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