Weekly Photo Recap









Mac&cheese | Ben | can’t sleep do dishes | cookie butter cheesecake | Brenna, sushi, scorpion bowl | how we ended our new years | laundry day, in the new coats I bought us for Christmas | bowling alley | date night

Sometimes you just need to eat an entire pot of velveeta shells and cheese. And sometimes you just sit down with an entire cheesecake and a fork. It happens. I’m not a dieter, can you tell?

My housekeeper came over earlier this week so we would have a fresh house for the new year, but we desperately needed to do laundry. It took awhile, but now our entire place looks amazing.

The mister and I finally had the same day off, this past Saturday! We went bowling, out to dinner, and saw a movie. We both worked New Year’s Eve and day so we stayed in for midnight.

Back to the grind for a few days, then off to New Orleans for a week! I might be getting sick so I need to take extra good care of myself. Being sick on vacation is the worst.


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