A few pro-vax links

vaccines work

dear parents, you are being lied to

measles kill

in NYC, if you do not vaccinate your child, prepare to homeschool.

Vaccines hold a place close to my heart. Don’t endanger your own children, plus the children of others that are too young to get vaccinated yet, by not vaccinating then. There’s this irrational fear that people have, but that’s all it is: irrational. I feel like vaccines are also used as a scapegoat for other issues that have nothing to do with vaccines. Time and time again it has been proven that vaccines do not cause autism! One stupid fake study done by someone that no longer is even licensed to practice medicine is not proof that vaccines are the devil. So do the right thing and vaccinate your children! You’re doing yourself and the world a favor. Thanks.

animals need to be vaccinated too. be a responsible pet owner!


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