Friday I’m In Love | Madewell







the obsession is real

Madewell is high quality clothing, reasonably priced. I mean, you’re not gonna get a pair of jeans for $20 like you would at F21 but these will also last you infinitely longer than those crappy pants will! Plus I get way more “nice ass” comments in this denim than any others! (Above ass selfie does not do it justice.) I own about 10 pairs of their jeans and I won’t turn back. I used to be a diehard GAP jean girl but Madewells are so much better and worth it. You’re paying for quality. And their jewelry is amazing and won’t turn your skin green or black. I rock their brass jewelry and get compliments all the time. Their tops are adorable and well made too!

note: they don’t make plus sizes. I think they max out at size 12… There’s some thinspiration for you!

I have 3 packages from them I’m waiting on right now. I have a serious problem.


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