Ehrrmagerrdddd I’m 30.

In lieu of my usual Friday I’m In Love post, I’ll just write about my birthday.

Today I am 30.

Should I be having some sort of crisis? I definitely thought I’d be somewhere way different at this age. Danielle, age 20: at university, majoring in history and secondary education, managing a restaurant to get my way through school, living in NYC, thought I’d want marriage and kids. I really did think that in 5 years I’d be a high school social science teacher, married, pregnant, and working my way through a masters program.

Nowadays, I’m a registered nurse, living north of Boston, working my ass off. In a relationship, but marriage isn’t important nor will it define me, and I definitely don’t want kids. I’m not in school, but I will think about applying for masters programs soon. And I travel a lot. That’s my favorite part.

So, I’m not where I thought I’d be, but thinking of where I thought I wanted to be sounds like pure nightmare now. I guess it’s good. I did better than I expected. I definitely make more money as a nurse. I’d be miserable with a child. Stuck.

I’m on the right track. I’m going where I am supposed to be heading.


birthday sass


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