Friday I’m In Love | Scrapbooking

a new habit

Before I met my mister, I never took an interest in scrapbooking. I’ve never been artistic. I’ve always been good at math, science, history, writing, languages. I’m book smart. I’m street smart. I couldn’t draw you a dog to save my life. Creative? In problem solving, sure, but not in art. So when my mister said he wanted to make a scrapbook with me, back in July, I just brushed it to the side of my brain.

Scrapbooking is easy. It’s almost like it is all there for you, you just put it together. I’m kind of obsessed now. I just want to glue and tape everything down. I’ve spent about $300 on supplies and I can’t wait to put it to use. Next time I head back to see my parents, I’m grabbing old photos and going to town.


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