Weekly Photo Recap


I woke up Monday morning in sunny San Diego, got on a plane with 1,475,193,1q9,848,183,99z.184775 germs. I landed in Boston feeling pretty shitty. The boy and I got some Chinese food, then I fell asleep for a billion hours. Luckily, I get sick days. And even luckier, if I work from home I don’t even need to use all those sick days. I got my 40 hours in and I got a lot of rest too. I spent my entire weekend sleeping and eating and cooking (recipe coming up!) and cleaning. After lots of quality bathrobe time, I’m heading back to work today feeling so much better. 

One horrible incident did occur over the weekend… The boy was playing with the dog and they got a bit too frisky and the boy’s septum ring got ripped out of his nose! One of the balls went through the hole as it got pulled out. It could have been worse. I remember at age 21 when my septum ring almost came through the apex. It was pulled about a half centimeter down. That was the end of my nose ring. Secretly, I’m kinda happy it’s gone. I like his face better now.


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