Weekly Photo Recap

Typical night in bed | teddy | Jameson sick day | day at the beach | Plum Island | puppy love | fry everything in bacon fat | boys playing their video games | B & I went to Monster Mini Golf | then out for Mai tai’s! | cat glass | friend time | feast | cost | Asian market finds | dinner with Ariana 

Busy week at work, but I love visiting the family I have on Plum Island so I can go to the beach after! Dude and I had a good Friday night. We went to Monster Mini Golf (my favorite!) because it had been far too long since we went minigolfing. I love mini golf… Then we headed to PF Chang’s, a fancy bowling alley, then to karaoke night for Mai tai’s. Saturday I was woken up early since I was on call. I gave someone a quick insulin shot, then headed off to laser hair removal. OWCH! But it’s way better than getting a Brazilian! I headed into the city to see Lauren Dentist, her man, and my BFF from high school Byron. Lauren and I have birthdays a few days apart and its yearly tradition that the boys take us to Victoria Seafood for our birthday dinner feast. It was a month late, but delicious as always. I ate all the lobster heads! 4! Yesterday we had a snow storm! I made Dude and my friend Ariana lunch before her and I headed to Moonlight Meadery in Londonderry, NH for their honey wine tour and tastings. I tried at least a dozen types and came home with a semi-sweet strawberry rhubarb mead. After, Ariana and I headed to (another) seafood feast dinner. More lobster, shrimp, scallops, fish, and mussels. I can’t get enough. Of course I had to have second dinner so Dude and I had some meatballs in my homemade sauce with penne. We watched Battle Royale (one of my faves) and Thunder Ninja Kids (his fave) plus some of our shows. Why are Asian movies so far superior?! Dude agrees. I’ve made him watch Battle Royale and The Hunger Games because the premises are pretty similar and damn, BR wins every time. 

Today starts a 12 day in a row work streak. Not my favorite thing to do, but it has to be done. At least it’s only once a month now, if that. Despite crap, life is good, as always.

this angel. 


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