Weekly Photo Recap



Applebee’s | patient’s pups | a night out at the bar (five free drinks!) | new monogrammed Madewell leather tote | Bickford’s | Bickford’s | Bickford’s | dinner with the girls | bowling with the boys | patient’s cat Princess | FaceTime with my big brother | a very messy 3 year old’s birthday party | blame it on the Henny | my baby

I work too much, but I get to have a lot of fun on top of that as well. As I tell my favorite dude Jeffy, work hard play hard. My favorite part of every week is my FaceTime with my family. I miss them a lot. I wish I had time to see them before May rolls around, but it is what it is. 

I’m pretty happy March is coming to a close; it’s been a hard month on me in just about every aspect of my life. I’m ready for a new chapter, measured in months or otherwise. However April ends up, there’s still many more months and good times to be had. Either way, I get to go to Chicago and see old friends! 


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