Weekly Photo Recap




babe & babe | how I cook when it’s not for B | J & K sleep butt to butt | Christmas cat | where we had our first date | video games | B ate 6 pop tarts | my prince, begging | Easter Danielle | Easter table | working overnights all weekend 

I actually prefer working a bunch. If I’m going to work, I want to keep busy and fit in as many hours as possible. Then when I take vacation, I take long ones and don’t touch a thing. This week I randomly took off Tuesday, then worked Easter for that holiday pay. I essentially worked 48 hours but will be getting paid for 64 hours, with my day off and then yesterday morning’s shift. Tuesday’s day off was fun. The mister and I went on adventures, ran errands, walked everywhere, and ate out every meal. I spend every Easter with my friend Kristen and her amazing family. They live nearby, are great cooks, and are wonderful generous people in general. This week, I’m training a new nurse! I am hopeful she will work out. It’ll make my life much much easier.


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