Weekly Photo Recap






 our favorite mini-golf | new shirt/sick day | Ben | Peach Farm | Hannibal Buress | Hannibal | Hannibal | wine with Carl and Carlos | hike | reunite | hike | Jennie and her mister | P | my favorite ice cream bar | Target | Target

I’ve been lucky this month. This week is the 4th week in a row I have a day off with my mister. Today is Patriot’s Day so I have another paid day off with my man. This past week we went to a winery tour and tasting (again), then mini-golf and dinner at Maggie’s Farm. We also got to eat at one of the best Chinese places and see one of my favorite comedians in Boston! I caught up with some friends I hadn’t seen awhile, down in Lynn, up in York, and also right here in Haverhill. My ex-fiancée is in the USA for 3 weeks. We had 2 dogs together and he got one in the breakup. Whenever he’s not in Europe, we try to meet up for the pups. I’ve seen him and Ben every day since he’s been back. I also did some shopping at the Lilly Pulitzer for Target sale. It sold out wayyyy faster than I expected (under 10 minutes and it crashed the Target site ALL DAY) so I didn’t get the shoes I really wanted, but I got some cute clothes for myself and also my mister’s niece. It’s 100% sold out now and won’t be restocked. So sad. I really wanted those shoes.

Now back to my day off with the boy! We are going to try to get manicures and pedicures now..


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