Weekly Photo Recap













 Bowling, beach, spin, Chicago. Too much!

Awesome and hectic week! Hi from Chicago!

The dude and I started it off with a double date with some of his coworkers. The next day we found out one of his friends died. I ended up at the beach for a good portion of one of these past 7 days, as I think I lost my work iPhone in the Atlantic. I jetted off to Chicago for fun; I saw some old friends and made new ones. One of my debit cards was shut off for fraudulent charges; the other fell out of my wallet. Thankfully I had cash to get me through. I did some touristy stuff… This is my 8th time in Chicago and I’ve only ever seen the Bean once, and never made it to the top of the Hancock building before. I’m an eating traveler. 

Anyway, time to get back east!


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