Weekly Photo Recap


Beach James | Benny cuddles | lobster and crab dinner | Benny shrimp | Benny and B cuddles | James and B hug

So I did something stupid. I work 2 jobs. My main job is Monday-Thursday. My second job is per diem, meaning I can work and pick up shifts whenever I’m free and they need help. There’s a few people on vacation right now, plus 2 people on medical leave, so there’s a ton of shifts open. I usually pick up a weekend or two per month, plus any stupid holidays (like President’s Day or some bullshit) because it’s basically getting paid for 24 hours of work when I just have to work 8 hours. Anyway, since there are so many shifts now, and I haven’t much going on, I accidentally agreed to work 24 days in a row.  I’m tired. Today is day 14. 10 more days, then a week off. I can do it. But I’m tired. Not much going on, in the meantime.


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