Weekly Photo Recap


Kilo | Plum Island | selfie | Winnekenni Castle | Corey & I | Alkaline Trio | pizza @ work | Sam, my birthday twin | Lauren’s bridal shower

I loved this week. I managed to ditch of one my shifts at work so my 24 day in a row stint turned into a 21 day stint. I’m so in love with days off. As much as I enjoy working, I also need the time off for me, to do nothing. I usually only take off work if I have a concert, wedding, vacation, or the like. Otherwise I’m like, you need help? Sign me up! But I need some time for just me, to watch Sons Of Anarchy for a couple hours and make myself epic dinners. 

The 2 main events this week were going to see Alkaline Trio & Lauren’s bridal shower. Alkaline Trio played This Addiction and Maybe I’ll Catch Fire and I nearly cried when they pressed “Radio.” Corey was all like, talking about our heart strings being pulled. It definitely felt very high school. Corey and I didn’t feel like the oldest people at a show, for once. Meg and I almost got into a fight with mosher (who does that at Alk3?!) that almost hit me in the face and Leigh did get into a yelling match with her formed coworker.

Lauren’s shower was fun! As per usual, she had another open bar because that’s how her family rolls. I drank a few Ketel one and red bulls, since I worked 17 hours straight before heading to the shower. I also looked at her registry kind of late, so I only managed to get her a spatula. I wrapped it super terribly, then taped a $100 gift card on the pack, because that’s how I roll.

Short week at work this week! Stoked.


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