Weekly Photo Recap

         one of my patient’s family chickens | Kilo | James | James | work

I didn’t feel like writing this post. Not much went on this week except a lot of working. I clocked in 68 hours between day job, per diem jobs, and some catheter vacation coverage. I did get to go out a date with the boy, but mostly I just tried to sleep when I could. One of my friends had a rough week, checking herself in and out of a detox/psych facility and we were all over the phones trying to figure out what was going on with her. I have another week and a half of work, then I’m off on my road trip with Gia! I can’t wait for two whole weeks off with one of my best friends. I’m heading to Portland, ME this Saturday and I’m so excited for that too. One of my favorite cities.

  How I feel.  


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