Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle


Look ma, I’m in a Snoop Dog/Jason Derulo video.

This bra is super old. It’s from Free People like a million years ago. I kind of forgot it existed for awhile. Like really, how do you wear this?! I was reinspired to try to make it work again after I recently saw the “Wiggle” music video. It actually ended up going perfectly with these bathing suit bottoms.    

About 18 months ago, I bought a black bikini. I hate buying bathing suits that don’t come as separates. I’m a medium on the bottom, large/extra large on top. Wearing the top was vulgar. They did not contain any of my chest. But I loved the bottoms! So I eventually made the connection. It’s not great to actually go take a dive into the ocean in… It’s a fashion bra, not a sports bra, regular bra, or a bathing suit too. (It’s a FASHION BRA! I own 3,000 of them to put under shirts). But it’s perfect to walk into the water and splash around in. 

 I wish I had remembered to take a better picture of the high waisted bottoms. The sides are so cute.

Then I wore it out in public for the rest of the day, with more clothing that has holes in it. All see-through everythanggg. top: Converse All-Star | crocheted see-through palazzo pants: F21 | fashion bra: Free People | bikini bottoms: Wish.com

All photos (other than the Jason Derulo video screenshot) taken recently in Florida. 


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