Vice on Childlessness

How Will I Know If I Want To Be A Mother

Not too long ago, I was at a friends’ house. They have 2 kids. One is about to be 2, the other an infant. I joked around about having kids.. They just told me not to do it. As much as they love their little ones, they feel tied down. I don’t think I can imagine feeling that. I mean, I guess in relationships you’re sort of like that, but my dude is super great about hopping onto my trips, or letting me go off on my own or with friends. Children don’t give you that option. Finding a dog sitter for a week is easy. Finding someone willing to watch a baby for 3 weeks, or taking the kid along, not so much… 


Most photos of me with small children involve me trying to eat them. It gave the two year old a big grin too.


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