Friday I’m In Love | OCC

Black dahlia lip, lined with their black pencil

OCC had a great sale recently so I picked up 10 lip stains, some pencils, and cream color tints. I like OCC because they do color amazingly. The colors are bright, vibrant, rich, etc. They also do not test on animals, at all. Their color tints can be used anywhere, from cheeks to lips to eyelids, and adds a nice glow with the bit of color. Same with their pencils. And since they’re liquid lip stuffs, it’s super easy to mix colors seamlessly. I’m constantly layering my random lipsticks but then you get your purple on your pink, your red on your dark brown, and you’re wasting lipstick cleaning it up! This eliminates that problem because every lip comes with a brush to mix on directly. I mixed “grandma” and “hoochie” this past weekend and it looked awesome.  You also only need the tiniest amount of stuff for so much coverage so it lasts forever. I had a tube of their matte hot pink that lasted me over a year and I wore that color a lot. I just replaced it after it being out of my life for over 6 months and I’m happy again.

 Purples pinks reds oranges random rainbow galore! Excuse my oiliness; this was after a very hot and humid wedding.


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  1. meep380 says:

    You look so gorgeous in that photo! You are really makeup skilled! Can you check out my blog, and follow it if you like it? Thanks! I love your blog by the way, and will check in to see new post! 🙂

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