Weekly Photo Recap

Gaucho’s | cuddle buddy | new glasses | Camila! | shopping with friends | steamers at Legal Seafoods | Matt hangs | Bettye LaVette | Emmylou Harris | Khloe’s 5th birthday party | petting zoo party | supermen and superwomen party | whip/naenae dancing | Luisa’s daycare 

My friend Camila is in town from Santa Cruz, CA! So excited. I haven’t seen her since we were bridesmaids together last summer. Looking forward to hanging out with her the next few days too. I got to go to Boston Summer Arts Festival and see some great music in Copley Square and did a lot, probably too much, shopping this week. I also attended various friends’ children’s birthday parties. I’m not a great gift giver, but the little ones were stoked to get some cash to pick out their own gifts soon.

This week I’ll be hanging out with Camila more, duh. I’m working a full week, but this weekend should be amazing at the Boston Swing Roaring 20’s Lawn Party. I love Crane Beach.


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