Weekly Photo Recap



B & Jameson | Jordan with pups | D-squared | tipsy | work feeds me for $free.99 | spare tire | Justin to the rescue! | Joe | Karen & Steve | the birthday girl “constant supervision required” | refuses to get off my lap | shooting before laser tag | hangover poop | dinner with Lauren| mac & cheese prep | nerds | Kiko escapes!

Didn’t do too much this week except hike a few days after work. Jameson and I both got a bunch of exercise! Probably did about 10 miles this week. I’m shooting for 12 this week.

As usual, a busy week at work… And I am currently still on call. There were a lot of phone calls throughout the weekend, but I didn’t have to go in, thankfully. I had a few birthday parties to go to, but I drove over a screw on my way! Thankfully Justin was able to hook me up with popping on my spare, plugging the hole, then popping on the fixed tire, all for free! And I didn’t miss too much of any party. Afterwards, B & I drank some, did laser tag and arcade games, drank some more. 

I was pretty hungover yesterday, between the mai tais and Jameson shots… And I think also vodka and elderflower drinks… I slept in forever, until Lauren, also hungover, came up from Boston to make an epic seafood feast. We steamed lobsters, seared big scallops! Lauren made her epic coconut curry mussels and I made baked crab dip. We were stuffed! I had a lot of leftovers to eat this week before I leave for Texas. I can’t wait for Texas! I haven’t seen my friend Ingrid in at least 2 years and I freaking love Austin. It’s her 30th birthday and her husband planned her an epic birthday weekend, including renting a boat on Lake Travis for the day. I can’t wait to give her the matching gold pineapple necklaces I got for us. I’m also looking forward to seeing some other friends too, but mostly my longtime friend. The weekend concluded with B cuddles and watching South Park. Also, the new Rick and Morty was really good.


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